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Why Another Green Site?

by Robbie - September 30th, 2010.
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The Denver Green Channel is a not-for-profit web site profiling locals who do Green things to make life better for everybody-and to lighten impact on the natural world, too.

There are people in your community who work to reduce mercury in landfills, who clean up dog waste in parks and turn it into compost, who create gardens in poor urban areas to feed people better food. These people usually do these things on their own dime and on their own time, and they don’t do it to get awards. They just see what needs to be done and they do it.

This site celebrates people in our community. It’s not a platform for politics or ideology of any kind. Clean air and clean water are crucial for everybody, no matter what your religion, politics or preference in peanut butter.

Thanks for visiting-meet some of your neighbors!


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