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The roots of the sustainability movement in Denver


by Robbie - October 6th, 2010.
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Welcome to!

I wanted this web site as a not-for-profit place to profile people in our community who are doing things that make life better for people AND the natural world.  People who take it upon themselves-on their own time and on their own dime, for the most part-to pick one thing in the world and clean it up, improve its quality and generally put a shine on it.

At Envirowagg, Rose harvests dog waste in parks and creates a high-quality mulch.  She wanted to do that simply because she saw all of it on the ground and thought, “Well, that’s got to be useful for something,”  Michael is a HAZMAT expert and works in the field, but his efforts toward ZERO mercury in landfills aren’t part of his profits; that’s just something he wants to see happen in the world and he’s got the resources to work toward that goal.  Lisa at FeedDenver saw problems with our food system, particularly in the quality of most easily-available food and the sustainability of the system itself, so she is working to create community gardens in the very poorest parts of town to create jobs, community, and to better the food quality as well.

All of these people and many, many more are improving our quality of life, simply because they saw a need for it.

I thought you might like to meet them.

Check back in now and then and I’ll introduce them to you, people in our community and nationally.  You’ll meet artists, authors, entrepreneurs, activists and even some bureaucrats.   You might be surprised at the good they’re doing.

Welcome to the Denver Green Channel!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

Here’s my video Welcome:

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