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by Robbie - November 8th, 2010.
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I’ve got a column now in an internet mag called Mile Hi Green. I call it “Robbie Knight’s Comm Post” as a pun but also as a definition; compost is a conglomeration of sorts, even if it isn’t exactly a potpourri. A lot of potpourris actually smell worse than compost heaps, in my opinion, but more to the point…composting is a process, and I believe we’re all in the process of coming to terms with the reality of the finite. There’s only so much wilderness, only so much accessible oil left in the ground, only so much clean water, yet the demand on limited resources grows greater and greater. Humans (perhaps most particularly Americans) don’t really believe in limits and we don’t like them imposing themselves upon our progress. We don’t like to be hindered and we don’t like the word, “No,”.

I wonder if we occasionally fail to see the creative possibilities that arise from a little imposition, especially while we’re whining about being imposed upon. “Double sided printing isn’t going to work!” “I don’t WANT to refill a water bottle!” “Why should I have to take shorter showers?” These are whines I’ve heard frequently. Nobody likes change, especially if it means an even temporary inconvenience.

I think it’s my job to be one of the folks who make those inconvenient changes seem more attractive in some way, to find the humor and creative opportunities in them and seduce people into carrying their own customized water bottles.

After a series of informal interviews with folks who’ve survived implementing earth-friendly practices at work, I’m under the impression that this is good for more than the environment. The people I talked to observed that after the initial whining and begrudging, it occurred to their coworkers that they were doing good for a Greater Reason-one bigger than themselves, and that made them feel good. They bonded over it and got some gratification from it. They were glad they were a part of the effort to make less waste. This feel-good side effect is reason enough to try Green, since it bonds humans. When humans bond, then the possibilities really are endless.

This month my column is a Comm Post heap of hints and tips for holiday season, including driving tips for sharing the road with big game (over the river and safely through the woods) and how to cut back on spending this holiday without it hurting. Sometimes just doing a little bit less than ease a lot of strain. And why should the holidays be a strain, anyway? How about a new, more relaxing tradition?

Thanks for reading, and I also appreciate your patience lately. Regular updates to Denver Green Channel begin…now!

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