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I Officially Don’t Know Poo

by Robbie - May 4th, 2011.
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Despite all my fancy and expensive classes, I still have no idea how to compost animal poo. It’s not easy information to dig up.

But it is that time of year to clean out the chicken run. THAT I know how to dig up. I’m taking a wild guess and reducing my risk by containing it.

I already screwed up my compost piles, so I needed to re-dig them anyway. Here’s what I did today.

First, I’d need to tear down my existing piles.

That means digging it all out.  Took about a half hour.  Nice workout!

I then dug out the chicken run waste from the winter that was curing on the ground, and layered it into the pile as I turned it over and re-assembled it…

There were about 12 buckets, give or take.

I watered each layer and then covered with black plastic.  Should be a real compost pile now, or closer to it…

And the chickens, their feet no longer in danger of freezing on bare ground, LOVE fresh dirt.  In fact, i also needed to build dust baths today.  Poopie eggs and the need to clean poopie chicken butts came from them not being able to get themselves clean.  Stewie likes the dust bath to the East of the run…

And the other Ladies check out the dust-bath-in-progress to the North…

But I need one more ingredient.  The formula is 1/3 soil, 1/3 sand, 1/3 diatomaceous earth.  I just bought a bucket of it…

But I’m not strong enough to rip the tab to open it.  I start going at it with pruners until my wrist is over it.  Crap.

I’ll start up again tomorrow.  There’s always a challenge on The Ranch.  This is very minor.

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