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Bet Hedgin’

by Robbie - May 11th, 2011.
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My potatoes might be just fine.
Mom sent me potato bags.  They’re the size of 5-gallon buckets, made of some kind of newfangled polymer.  You fill them with dirt and stick your potato starts in.
Due to our location in a desiccating wind tunnel I mulch compulsively, which might seem counter-productive because I have to replace mulch regularly-it blows away.  But it’s crucial to keep as much moisture in the ground as possible, and covered ground helps to deter weeds and pests.  Anyway, I also mulched the potatoes INSIDE the bags with a couple inches of straw.
And this morning it’s snowing a fine, tiny-bead kind of snow.  Here’s hopin’ my potatoes aren’t dead.  I know that my greens and peas are loving this.
Poor little Plum Bunny is used to being in her outdoor pen romping on grass by now.  She actually came to the front of her cage this morning to greet me instead of hiding, asking with her little rabbit nose, “Wazzup?” but I’m keeping her out of the snow.  She’s still a baby.  She might be fine, but I’m not chancing it.
On the micro-homestead, every day has a few gambles in it.

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