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by Robbie - May 17th, 2011.
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Bindweed must die.

But bindweed is a great survivor.  It’s very aggressive and invasive and winds around plants, choking them to death.  It’s a garden menace.  So I must apply my best strategies, knowing what I know.

Bindweed comes up from a mother plant, the roots of which can be as deep as 30 feet down.  And the more you try to pull it out, the more shoots it sends up.  You could say it thrives on adversity, but no organism thrives on EVERY challenge.  Pulling it out is not the way to go.

So here’s my strategy:

1.  Assemble tools to create WMDs:  sturdy scissors, Exacto knife and lots of soda and water bottles I’ve gathered from everybody over several months.


2.  Create WMDs.  Using an Exacto knife, I start the cut around the bottom-most rim of the plastic bottle:

3.  Using the scissors, I cut out the bottom of the bottle around a neat rim:

4.  Then I’ve got 2 weapons:  the bottle top, and the bottom, which can be used like a little dish to put a molasses/water mix in to lure grasshoppers to central locations for extermination (grasshoppers ate ALL my fall crops last year.  If I’d had chickens by then it would have been fine, but I didn’t.  THIS year it’s ON with the grasshoppers)

5.  Find some bindweed.  I wish it were harder to do:

6.  Scrunch the bindweed together in your hand for easy and comprehensive capture:

7.  Take that bottle top and screw it down into the dirt around the bindweed, nice and deep. 

The flared edges of the bottle help keep it in the dirt.

8.  Do this to EVERY bit of bindweed you’ve got a bottle for:

See how the bottles are steaming up already?  This method cooks the plants, and the signal goes back down the root to the mother plant, warning that this is hostile territory.

OK, I made that up.  I have that kind of dork imagination.  I’ve seen Alien too many times.

And, yeah, it looks a little trashy.

But it re-purposes bottles, it destroys an invasive plant without any chemicals and I HOPE it’s effective.  It’s a little tedious and takes time.  But bindweed must DIE.


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