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First Harvests

by Robbie - June 19th, 2011.
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I’d been looking forward to donating surplus food as well as learning food storage.  So I started 2 weeks ago with my over-planting of radishes that were JUST at peak:

Easter Egg radishes, which are white, pink and purple, and regular cherry and icicle radishes.  Fresh and mild and crunchy…they’ll go to the Jeffco Action Center for the Ample Harvest program!  Psyched.

Some of them I kept for me.  The greens, of course, went to the girls.  They LOVE them.

Packed up in yogurt containers but with greens still on to keep them fresh, my haul filled a wine case.

This story has a sad ending…kind of.  I called the Jeffco Action Center to make sure they wanted my radishes.  I checked the hours of operation…but on this day it was closed for a meeting of some kind, and we were leaving for Iowa soon.  I was unprepared and without time to do anything else but leave them on the dock and hope people took them home.  There were several people there who needed food and didn’t know about the closing, either, and a couple gladly took my radishes.  Note to self:  Be Prepared To Preserve.  Always.

Two weeks later I harvested my turnips, gorgeous greens in the basket:

But even prettier out of it:

The roots for me, the greens for the girls.

Here’s the recipe, basically:  1 T of sea salt per cup of water.  Cover sliced veggies with this in a very clean jar.  Leave at room temp for a few days but vent occasionally during lacto-fermentation.

And here’s my very first jar of lacto-fermentation!  I like the idea of all the available nutrients, the beneficial pro-biotics, the fact that the process uses less energy and gives fewer burns than canning, in addition to preserving nutrition rather than killing it, and, having low blood pressure, I’m a very big fan of salt.

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