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Garden Journal July 7

by Robbie - July 8th, 2011.
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Weeds. Weedsweedsweedsweeds.

Pests. Grasshoppersvolescabbagemoths. And did I mention grasshoppersgrasshoppersgrasshoppersgrasshoppers????

And some growth.

I feel very inadequate this year. The weeds are just more than I can handle. I’m in a constant state of overwhelm. But here goes:

The worst light ever!  Lemon balm coming back, lemon verbena struggling, borage flowers JUST opening, rosemary doing better, citronella needs to be potted up.  Marigold in despair.

This bed is spent.  The last crops I planted didn’t even come up.  Time for new dirt.  I’ve been feeding the bolted greens to the chickens…tomorrow or day after this bed gets a makeover.  Something (the DOG) overturned and stomped a couple of my struggling tiny pepper plants…they may recover.

These tomatoes in bed 2 are coming into their own.  One heirloom at least.  Got fruit coming in!  Also lots of herbs:  parsley, calendula, cilantro.  Also lettuce and chard…which are being overshadowed by the tomatoes.

My strip of sunflowers and gourds to the south by the burned-up house struggles a little in the shade and is infested with bindweed, which I regularly have to unwind from my sunflower stalks.

The other one, by the coop, is faring better.  Less shade. But I’m hoping for more shade for my birds.

I had big plans to plant rugosa roses by the west fence to form a wind-blocking hedge.  I proceeded despite finding the clay layer about 2 1/2 feet down when I was planting them.  They died.  My fault.  Poor things.  They were lovely, too.

Raised bed 1 has already given me lots of radishes and some kohlrabi…this is taken from the angle where the giant catnip won’t block the shot.  Pests don’t like the catnip, it’s true.  But they like everything else in the bed.  Cabbage, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, onions.  Parsley and marigolds in the end cavities grow slowly.

The bird netting over both of these beds is to keep raccoons from digging up my strawberries. Broccoli, herbs, onions, tomatoes, strawberries, onions.

The tomatoes, basil and marigolds are really filling out the containers!  I’d like to see fruit soon…

I mulched the area around the beds with pine needles to try to cut down the grasshopper population…also used NOBO…*sigh*…

Garden shot, directly into the sun:

The greens bed is bolting here and there and the greens are getting harder and more bitter.  It’s hot for greens.  Soon to be ripped out and planted with peas, peas and peas!

Here are my ailing and failing peas now.  I should have planted LOTS more and inoculated them.  That’s the plan in a couple weeks!

The rest of the area south of the peas is struggling pumpkins, stomped onions and some herbs…as well as very munched-on kohlrabi and radish seedlings.  I feed grasshoppers.  I HATE grasshoppers.

Here’s my corn patch, with strawberries that get eaten completely before they’re ripe and bolting spinach.  It’s hot for spinach, too.  That amaranth seeded itself and LOVES it here.  It’s easier than corn so I gotta figure out how to harvest it.  Got squash and pumpkins, too.  Plum’s outdoor pen is in there too as a barrier for the occasional chicken (AKA, Grasshopper Mercenary) visit.  I discovered that Pom is just fine and calm in the garden.  But she’s not going after grasshoppers so much.  She likes my SEEDLINGS…


Now, under the big trellis:  my beans and squash.  The melons gave up on themselves.

My tomato row is struggling, too.  Tomatoes are doing MUCH better in containers and beds.

Among the weeds you’ll notice sunflowers, which seeded themselves and I strategically left to shade sensitive crops…but then they also suck water and nutrients.  A few nasturtiums don’t hate it here.

Here’s the cole crop row.  More struggling, munched-up, slow-growing crops.  I wish I’d planted many more potato bags, but it’s late now.


SO…I got a bunch of containers and dirt for the deck.  I’ll sow more peas in the garden but after this year it’s gonna be BEDS.  This fall my beautiful homemade compost and chicken coop ground cover are going on the garden along with green manure cover crops for winter and I’ll either make beds in the fall or next spring.  If I make them in the fall then I can plant earlier in the spring…but I simply cannot keep up with all the weeds and pests.  It’s a tough year for both.

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